Saturday, December 18, 2010

Art on Vacation

You readers might have picked up on this since I haven't been posting lately, but since I started my new job, I've become creatively bankrupt, and I'm really not sure why. I haven't been motivated to sit down and freaking draw something. Well, I'm finally easing back into the art groove here in Hawaii. Have I become inspired? No, not really. I think I just needed a vacation. Here are the two pictures I've drawn down here that I'm actually happy with--a first in several months.

This started out as an attempt to draw Lily (from "Life on Leather Wings") but I decided not to force it and just draw a pretty girl. The entire thing is from a reference photo of Polish model Ewa Sonnet (so sue me), but the face and clothes are my own design. I think it came out well, and it's shown me the value of drawing directly from reference photos (GO FIGURE).

By contrast, I did NOT use a reference photo for this girl. Now, this IS for "Life on Leather Wings." This certainly isn't a final design--I was just messing with armor at this point, but this drawing will serve as the foundation for the Paradiso counterpart of the succubi. These angels head down to the Earthrealm and hunt down incubi and succubi. The plan is to have most of these soldiers (they don't have names yet) ignore Lily, since she goes after already-corrupted prey, but one female soldier has some kind of personal vendetta that I haven't figure out yet against Lily and she'll be one of the core villains in the story.

Here's a better picture. Things I like: the earings (perhaps they denote rank?), the tattoo on the forehead (it's a placeholder design), guantlets, and the spaulders. The breastplate and multiple straps will probably go. By the way, these are photographs because I'm in HAWAII and don't have a scanner.

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lantaro said...

Bloody. Awesome. Love em both. Sometimes a vacation is just what you need! Speaking of, it's nowhere near as epic, but I drew a rather humorous Christmas-styled Frank and Cecil picture. I'll have to show you on your return!