Thursday, December 16, 2010

Guest Post & Status of Self

Hey. I'm in Hawaii, specifically the island of Kauai. So suck on that! Check my Facebook page for daily pictoral updates. Yesterday (our first day here), a sea turtle crawled up on the beach we were on and just took a nap. I got like a foot away from it. 'Twas enjoyable.

Also, I did a guest post for The Fossil Freakshow. Check it out! It's about ceratopsid squamosals! I think it's awesome.

Whoo! And yes, that's me in the picture.


Fossil Freaks said...

Thank you so much for the Guest Post, Zach! Hope you and your wife are enjoying your vacation!!! -The Fossil Freaks

lantaro said...

Glad to hear your vacation was great success!!