Saturday, May 01, 2010

Dinorama, Season 1, Episode 2 is LIVE

I think this episode flows far better than the first episode, despite its technical shortfalls (I'm talking into a sock-filled paper towel tube). It's very funny! You should all listen to it.



ScottE said...

For those who prefer a direct link:

Trish said...

Terrific episode! The "Random Encounter Table" bit cracked me up.

Traumador said...

based on the shark poo bit, i could make a pun about the quality of the show. however i won't stoop to that level, especially as it involves a swear word :P

nice work again guys. either of my personas would be up for an "appearance" on an upcoming episode.

for future reference my last name is pronounced Dell-key. not that i'm mad, nobody ever gets it right before hearing it (which makes it handy to pick out tele-marketers :P)

catch you guys on the air soon hopefully!