Thursday, April 22, 2010

Irregularly Scheduled Podcast

I know the Dinorama podcast has like ten avid liseners, so this post may disappoint the majority of you. People have been asking me when the next edition of Dinorama is going to be available. Well, here's the thing. Scott and Raven are in the process of moving. However, we did record the April episode (two weeks ago), but technical problems quickly manifested. Scott and Raven actually re-recorded a few segments, but it turns out that my voice sounds muffled throughout the entire show. We may end up re-recording the entire episode, in which case there will not BE an April edition of Dinorama.

I do apologize. We all need to be on headsets, frankly. So if any of you readers out there in Readerland want to be on the MAY edition of Dinorama, well, let me know. All it takes is Audacity Beta, Skype, and the resolution of any scheduling conflicts that may arise based on proximity.


Steven said...

Ahhhhh....that's too bad. Looking forward anyways to whenever the that next podcast will be.

davidmaas said...

How are you recording? I just got a ZoomH4n and can recommend it. Incredible quality right out of the take, in stereo. Only 300Euro as well.

davidmaas said...

here's the link:

You can turn the mics to record 120 degrees range in front of the device. That sounds good for a group interview session.
It has a younger brother as well. Would be more than up to the task.

Mo Hassan said...

I'm still interested in taking part!!