Saturday, May 08, 2010

Oviraptor Sketch

Ever since I started my new job, I've felt like I never have any spare time. I've learned to treasure weekends and Friday nights because of this. Last night, while my wife was chatting with a friend, I whipped up this general oviraptor sketch. It may warrant further tinkering, inking, and coloring next time I find myself with free time. The picture is somewhat inspired by Andrea Cau's recent discussion on oviraptor beaks and how far up the skull they extended.

Also, progress! Summer is coming along nicely, although it still hasn't hit 60 degrees yet. Buds are just now appearing on the trees.

There's a whole new world for Ozzie to sniff.


Andrea Cau said...


thank you very much for quoting me... but... the discussion on oviraptorid snouts is not mine:


Anonymous said...

But I'm sure that helped buff feed to Theropoda just a little, and that's always good. :)

Julia said...

Oh yes, every corgi needs several hundred different things to sniff to prevent boredom. Teddy was particularly partial to goose crap. And hedgehog crap. And cat crap.

Anonymous said...

I like your oviraptor, there's something about its expressiveness that makes it feel like an animated character.