Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Off to SVP Tonight

Well, kiddies, I'm leavin' on a jet plane at 10 p.m., heading for Cleveland, Ohio. If you want to meet up before Julia's luncheon on Friday, shoot me an email at either my Hotmail or Gmail address and I'll give you my cell number. I hope to run into at least a few of my fellow paleobloggers at lectures and poster sessions! I also plan on going to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History while I'm down there, so I hope there's a break in between talks I want to attend for that to happen...

Anyway, see you all down there! I'll be the guy with glasses, a cowboy-like hat, and a heavy laptop bag. SVP '08, whoo!

P.S. Would it be a dick move to make a copy of Dr. Holtz's paper in Tyrannosaurus rex: Tyrant Lizard King about how the obligate scavenger hypothesis is crap and, if I stumble across Mr. Horner at the conference, give it to him? :-)


lantaro said...

Have a good flight, sir! We'll see you next week!

Nick said...

Yes, Zach. I would not do that.