Monday, October 13, 2008

The Virtual Art Show Hiatus

Sorry, folks, but until Scott and I get back from SVP, I won't be able to post any more pictures from the show, and indeed there is one more: Effigia, but we need to take its picture (digitally). This was going to be accomplished on Saturday, but we both overslept and decided to leave it for our return. Scott left that day, and I leave tomorrow night.

Also, a few people have asked me if we're going to do prints. The short answer is: Probably. They will most likely be on foamcore, and I'm hoping to sell them for $20 apiece, which would cover copy costs on our behalf and give us a little bit of profit. It'll all be worked out when we return, and digital pictures are taken of all the pieces. Apart from the foamcore, buyers will also get the text and Venn phylogeny for that particular animal.

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