Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Return from SVP

Whoo! I just flew in from Cleveland, and boy are my arms tired! But seriously, I've never had more fun on a vacation, even if it was woefully short. I'll talk about the experience in another blog post, but I wanted to get this picture up, which I totally stole from Julia's webpage, because I was a fucking moron and didn't bring my camera to the luncheon. I think Scott brought one, so if Paul took a picture with Scott's camera, then I'm sure he'll send it my way.

At any rate, this picture is from the Blogger Luncheon that Julia organized, and I thank her for it. We all had a great time! From left to right, top to bottom, here are the attendees:

Thomas Holtz, Jr.
Matt Wedel
Andrew Farke
Nick Gardner
Alton Dooley
J & Amanda
Julia Heathcote
Jerry Harris
Matt Celesky
Zachary Miller
Scott Elyard
Neil Kelley

Fun times had by all! During the course of the four days I was there, I spent the most time with Scott (duh), Nick, Amanda & J, Matt Celesky, and Julia. I was not able to get as much chatting in as I might have liked with Neil, Andrew, Jerry, or Dr. Holtz, but hey, there's always next year! All of the people above are genuinely nice people. And while I didn't introduce myself to everyone I wanted to at SVP (I should've said hi to Phil Currie), there's always next year. And yes, I fully intend to go again next year, even though the meeting is across the pond.

I was also lucky enough to spend time with two of Scott's friends, Tony and his wife Alicia. Both of them are wonderful people, and I hope to see more of them when the snow melts. And I have to shout out a special thanks to Julia, who more or less acted as my guide for the meeting, and offered me a wonderful opportunity for next year--and she might regret it! Now then, on to the meeting itself!


Nick said...

So Neil was there for the photo after all! So why isn't he in mine :-(?

Zach said...

He is, he's just way off to the right. You can see the edge of his arm.

Dude, change your picture. :-D

Neil said...

I'm just sneaky like that, ninjitsu tactics and what not...

Unknown said...

Ah. You couldn't know this, but Aliesha is spelled differently than Alicia.

Julia said...

Was that when I promised you and Scott a ride from Heathrow to Bristol? Or did I make another offer? You are still most welcome to that. If you can bear to ride in a 1997 Fiat Punto with mardi-gras beads hanging from the rearview mirror and probably the greatest saturation of bumper stickers you've ever seen.

It was a pleasure to organise the lunch, and as I said to a few people, I'd have looked jolly stupid sitting at a large table on my own, so thank you everyone for coming along. Pub grub next year at one of Bristol's finest taverns.