Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pictures from SVP

A barely-viewable picture of Matt Celesky and his wonderful drawing of a pack (herd? flock?) of Coelophysis running around New Mexico while a monkey-lizard looks on.

Amanda, the Self-Designed Student. Maybe I should start using my flash...

ReBecca, from ReBecca's blog. The flash seems to work okay! If only I'd taken MORE PICTURES OF PEOPLE. Instead, I have three more pictures of fossil mounts from the museum.


Unknown said...

"a pack (herd? flock?) of Coelophysis"

I would vote for a murder of Colephysis.

Pretty much for every carnivorous dinosaur, actually...

That was a pretty cool poster. Why didn't you get the others? (On that note, why didn't I bring a stupid camera my own damn self???)

Unknown said...

Hey, that photo came out pretty well! (although I have to correct everyone about the extra "e" in my name -- Celeskey)

It was great meeting you and all the other artists and bloggers (and artist-bloggers) that showed up in Cleveland.

P.S.: I'll try to upload a PDF of that poster to the HMNH later this week (if I've still got the bandwidth).