Wednesday, September 10, 2008

One More Request!

I can hear you now: "The only time Zach ever calls...I mean, blogs, is when he wants something." Well, lately that's certainly true, although I intend to do a REAL blog post tomorrow. The Art Show is an omnipresent spec on the horizen, dear readers, and that spec is growing ever larger by the day. By the hour, no less.
But once more, I come to you in need of assistance. Or rather, Scott needs assistance (again). Remember when you guys were so kind in sending me all of your Euparkeria papers? Actually, if you have any more, that'd be awesome...although technically Scott finished that little bugger just last night.
But now, while his Stomatosuchus canvas remains moist from the multitude of oil paint layers, Scott has the crazy idea to do an aetosaur from scratch. Well, that's not completely true--the background has been finished for months but sits unused. So while Stomatosuchus' background dries (remind me never to use oils) and my Dimorphodon gets some color to its patagium, Scott intends to restore the beast head-on (literally) as it chews on vegetation.
Problem: All of my aetosaur papers feature steamrolled specimens in which the armor is nicely preserved to the detriment of the actual skeleton. But all I need are papers regarding aetosaur heads 'n' teeth, really. So if any of you have said references, please do send them over. Scott would greatly appreciate it.
And hey--the second the pictures are hung at Sidestreet Espresso downtown, expect to see them, as well as unused pieces (bonus material!) on the blog.
Oh, and one more thing, directed mainly at Ms. Raven: Status report, dammit!


Raven said...

X( I'm freakin' frustrated. I had to re-start the raven piece. It's now a pen and ink drawing with some grey marker thrown in. The triceratops just needs to be transfered to a fresh sheet of paper and framed. The Tapejara is coming along...slowly and painfully. It seems like everywhere I turn, I get interrupted, which considering I have a short attention span anyway, is really destructive. Plus work sucks. I mean really bad.

Bill Parker said...

Thanks for your recent post on my blog "chinleana". I'm glad that you are enjoying it.

As for aetosaur skulls and postcrania you want to get these two papers:

Desojo, J.B. and A.M. Báez. 2007. Cranial morphology of the Late Triassic South American archosaur Neoaetosauroides engaeus: Evidence for aetosaurian diversity. Palaeontology 50:267-276.

Schoch, R.R. 2007. Osteology of the small archosaur Aetosaurus from the Upper Triassic of Germany. Neues Jahrbuch fuer Geologie und Paläontologie 246:1-35.