Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Blog on the Blogroll

Thanks to Amanda, I've noticed a new paleoblog: Chinleana, which deals primarily with Triassic archosaurs (so far). Although it's new, there's already some great material. Check it out, minions! Actually, I've added a whole slew of "new" blogs to the blogroll, many of which aren't actually new. I just haven't gotten around to linking to them yet. Among the newly-ordained:

Why I Hate Theropods
Dr. Vector
Dino Frey's Weblog
Open Source Paleontologist

There may be more as the day progresses!

And here's a quick question: Is there a way to separate links in terms of topics? You know, paleblogs are separated from art sites from zoology, from webcomics...


Nick said...

Use HTML/Javascript widgets rather than the Link or Blogroll widgets.

Glendon Mellow said...

Also, in Blogger you can just have a few different blogrolls, and name the titles. That's what I used to do before moving them into a post.