Monday, September 22, 2008

How Goes the Art Show?

With a cursed and looming deadline breathing down our necks, Scott and I are wrapping up the Archosauria art show, and believe me, we are finished with archosaurs...for the time being. All of my principle pieces are finished--Effigia wrapped up last night. It actually looks too doe-eyed, so I'm going to tweak the eye a bit. I will never again work with acrylic paints on toothy canvases, because the resulting painting looks entirely too uneven. For the next show, I may pick up oil painting (Scott will have to teach me) or, assuming I get a better machine, digital painting.

The brunt of the remaining workload falls squarely on Scott's shoulders, however. He's in charge of the printing and production of text banners. He's still got a Desmatosuchus in transit, and a bunch of text of his own to write up. It's not too terrible, though, and our practical date has been set for the 25th, that is, the date at which all work must be given to Scott. Unfortunately, I'm simply in the dark about Raven's progress. Scott tells me that she's been going through some rough times, and I sympathize, I really do, but at the risk of sounding like a heartless ghoul, I hope she gets her stuff done on time! And I'd love to see it, because the girl is good.

I still have a few things to do, too, honestly, I'm going to draw Proterosuchus' skull to illustrate what a basal archosaur skull looks like, and I still have to write a short biography. I hope to have both of these tasks finished by the time I hit the hay tonight. And then, dear readers, my part in this undertaking will be complete--that's a good feeling.

An art book will accompany the show, but production on it will not begin until after the pieces are hung. We're having a "meet the artists" day on October 3rd (not sure what time it starts), and the downtime will allow us both to argue about the contents of that hopefully-profitable tome. Happily, we will be able to include "bonus content" in the book--pieces that didn't make it into the show and more technical text to accompany each animal. The price will be set after we find out how much printing each book costs. If you want a copy, let me know, and I'll put one aside for you. Again, we don't know how much it will sell for.

So, in closing, we're all tired and sick of archosaurs, but it's good to know the end is so near. And I'm sure the show will kick ass once it's actually finished.


Bill Parker said...

Which Desmatosuchus reconstruction are you using? The old one or the revision I published earlier this year? Let me know if you would like a copy of the paper.

lantaro said...

Ooh where and when is this art show, anyways?!

Zachary said...

There's a...there's a revision? Yes, please, Bill! I wasn't aware of one, unless it's the one Matt Celesky sent to Scott. But either way, please send it to my gmail address!

sillysaur @ gmail dot com

And Marcus, I believe the official start date is the 1st, but I'll give you the details later.