Wednesday, September 03, 2008

September 27th: The Deadline Looms

You know that art show I keep talking about? You know, the one about the Archosauria as a group? Well, our deadline for finishing all the art, text, framing, etc., is September 27th. That's...hmmm...about three weeks away. My heart just skipped a beat! Well, I've had months to complete my pieces, right? Well, yes. But have I? No. Just to give you a helpful update, here are the pieces I'm in charge of and their statuses (stati?):

Nyctosaurus: Essentially finished. Needs some more paint to cover up pencil lines on the crest, and some detail work on the black outline, but pretty much done.

Simosuchus: Completely done.

Dimorphodon: Starting that one today. I will not be painting it, but instead markering it, with illustrator markers on bristol board. I should probably buy some bristol board. The big-headed rhamphorhynchoid will be adorned with tufted puffin colors! Fun!

Effigia: The sketch is finished, the transparancy is made, I just need to start the final work. Like the puffin-pterosaur, Effigia will be handled with brush pens. I am far more comfortable using pen-type mediums than paint, because paint (in my hands) is less precise and messier.

Allosaurus: Luckily, I just need to sketch and ink an Allosaurus. Nothing fancy. It will be part of a "montage" of dinosaurs showing that the Dinosauria is just one part of the greater Archosauria.

I love the smell of desperation in the morning! Smells like...failure. Wish me luck, dear readers, in completing this task. I haven't even mentioned all the text I have to write for each piece, and a little autobiography about myself for a booklet we're handing out. And I have to bug the museum for some informational handouts...

Three weeks! I got this, guys!


lantaro said...

Crunch time sir! Just quit your job and take up cocaine! After a couple weeks straight of no sleep, you'll be done!

ScottE said...

"Crunch time sir! Just quit your job and take up cocaine! After a couple weeks straight of no sleep, you'll be done!"

And probably irrevocably insane!