Thursday, August 05, 2010

Dear Spambot Inventors: Please Die. In Fire.

You readers may have noticed an uptick in the number of crafty spambots that have infiltrated my blog's clearly futile attempts at security. I don't know if there's a solution, exactly, but I do intend to take this weekend to thoroughly clear every spam comment from the back catalogue. This may take over an hour, but I am prepared. Besides, I have two disks of Justice League to keep me company. I could readily begin the purge tonight, but I would so like to draw before bed. Even some simple stick figures would be nice. It's been so very long since I achieved quality work.

Also, regarding this post's heading: I wish nothing but agonizing harm to the inventor(s) of said spambots. There are few subgroups of humanity I dislike more: Nazis, Islamic terrorists, teenagers who think they've "figured it out," and the entire cast of Sex & the City. My wife wants to "be" Carrie Bradshaw, somehow failing to realize that Carrie Bradshaw is a terrible human being. At any rate, the investor(s) of spambots fall into a similar camp. Lower than Nazis, but higher than the redhead.


Peter Bond said...

I would suggest joining ART Evolved and introducing the comment moderation option to your blog. While it may be a slight issue for readers, we've found that it has prevented all new spam!

Just an option...

Nick Gardner said...

A big no to comment moderation! D=


Trish said...

I don't know, comment moderation hasn't really ever given me much trouble -- then again, I have no way of knowing how the reader/commenter thinks of it. Now how in the world do SPAMbots overrride the Captcha?

Traumador said...

they have inflitrated all of my blogs, which is a few :(

i'm thinking its not a program that is beating us (though it is possible. i have a panarama program that is freighteningly good at scanning pictures for patterns and using them without me telling it what to do) i suspect based on most of my spam it is people paying 3rd world workers to copy and paste the spam into comment sections and do the word recognition to post them.

this is based on nearly all of mine having some form of mandrian writing in them (my finacee reads chinese...).

though it could be a program, as i keep getting repeats despite my moderation warding them off.

i understand nick's oppostion, but have to say while it is a slight pain for reader's it is such a help to the writer.

my blogs are getting 2-5 spams a day (over my 4 blogs that can be up to 20) which without moderation take up to 1 minute each to go in and delete (as you have to load 3 pages to get rid of them each). this adds up to a big waste of time quick. with moderation they all appear in one spot and are ridiculusly easy to remove in comparison.

Sean Craven said...

Dude, this is one occasion where our opinions diverge. While I agree that spamkrufters should incur their fatal injuries in a fire, I don't think they should actually die in the fire. My examination of the evidence leads me to believe that it would be preferable if they died someplace cold and dirty, where rats could get to them.