Sunday, October 18, 2009

Spinophorosaurus v.3

There's the detail work. By the way, if any of you are wondering why I'm not doing this shit on Photoshop, it's because I took Scott's challenge and doing all these pieces with ink alone.

Well, and colored pencils. Because I don't have proper color inking pens.


Peter Bond said...

Nice! I was wondering if you were planning on colouring them.

Quick question: Do the thumb-spikes on sauropods attach at the bottom of the hand (knuckles) or half-way up the hand, as you have drawn them?

Zach said...

Depends on where they fall on the phylogeny. In basal sauropods, the thumb is still fairly mobile. The Spinophorosaurus description, though the distal limb elements are unknown, suggests that the thumbs are still mobile. So I've just followed that here.

In neosauropods, the thumb spike is indeed at the base of the thumb. You'll see that in Brachytrachelopan coming up.

And yes, they will be colored! Colored poorly, but colored nonetheless.