Sunday, October 18, 2009

Live-bloggers do it in real-time

Hey, folks! I totally got sidetracked by car repairs yesterday, but if ya'll tune in right now, you'll be able to watch as I slave away at three pieces for the upcoming sauropod-themed Art Evolve show. My focus: the "stegosauropods," those sauropods (and stegosaurs) that mimic each other in some ways. Behold, the sketches for the first two pieces:

This, of course, is Spinophorosaurus.

And here is Brachytrachelopan. I haven't started the third beastie yet.

Let's work on Spinophorosaurus first...


Peter Bond said...

Excellent start here, Zach! Liveblogging rolls on! What will the third beastie be?

Zach said...

Miragaia, sir. I'll be doing him from scratch today, on the live blog!