Wednesday, October 07, 2009

My Bookshelf

Having recently reorganized all my books, I thought it might be entertaining to show you my sizeable (read: small) library. My books tend to be expensive, so I don't often buy them. The first thing you should notice is that, today anyway, I can't take a clear picture to save my life. Low blood sugar, maybe? Minor earthquake, perhaps? Shitty camera skills? I'm going with Door Number Three, Pat. Good job! I won a new car! This is not the entire bookshelf, mind you. There's a very narrow, but empty, shelf below the "comics, generally" shelf. I keep dragons of the family Eudracocidae down there. Note also that many dragons sit atop the shelf. I really need to get back to that dragon thing, don't I? There are quite a few species I haven't discussed yet.

The topmost shelf displays most of my technical books. Try to guess them all! I go into these books quite often for reference material, so they occupy a high seat in my library.

The second shelf is a little tougher to categorize. I'd call it my "general and popular science" books, although that particular taxonomy falls apart to the right of "Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Creatures," doesn't it? One of the books on this shelf is from Argentina. My one hint: it's huge.

The bottom two shelves are kind of free-for-alls. These books are organized with an eye toward size consistency more than anything else. Thus, my Playboy centerfold collection is sitting over on the right by Lovecraft instead of the Big Book of Breasts. The Cho collections are sitting next to "The Wildlife of Star Wars" instead of by the other comic books. Most bizarrely, Dante and Milton are kind of wedged in the middle, totally out of place. On the bottom shelf...what can I say? It's kind of a mess. This is my formal comic shelf, though you may notice a certain beloved children's book near the middle. The book with the spiral binding is Milbacher's excellent review of the Brontotheridae. It didn't look good anywhere else.

This was fun. I'll have to share my DVD shelf and gaming center at some point, too.


m said...

Thanks for sharing your book collection! I recognise a lot of them, in fact I have at least 12 of them.

Michael O. Erickson said...

Ah, I see you have Unwin's The Pterosaurs: From Deep Time. Wonderful, glorious book - except for all the woeful nonsense about bat-winged pterosaurs with splayed legs, cruropatagia, and ankle-attatched cheiropatagia.