Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Church of Tesco

Even when all other restaurants had betrayed us, Tesco was there, offering up cold sandwiches in boxes for surprisingly cheap. I resisted at first, but her siren song called to me one lonely Sunday night when the Subway's credit card machine broke, and every other restaurant was either closed or super-expensive. It was then that I gave in, finally coming to grips with the fact that this particular brand of boxed meal wasn't that bad. Sure, there were some bizarre combinations--"prawn and cucumber," "ham (no cheese)," and "lettuce and tomato (no bacon)"--but when you found a good one, like this particular ham and cheese combination, it was as good as anything you got at Fred Meyer.

I estimate that, during our time in not just London but the UK generally, Gina and I consumed 2,568 boxed sandwiches. Mainly because every other place was prohibitively expensive for Americans and their worthless currency.


ScottE said...

Some might argue that London's restaurants had not, in fact, betrayed you, but an inability or lack of desire to explore the place did.

Seriously! London positively crawled with good inexpensive pubs and tasty Indian restaurants. We went to one every single day while there.

Anonymous said...

And the lord spoketh: "Taketh thou foreign American currency, and purchase one sammich of Tesco. Do so, and thine food will be enough to feed a thousand starving paleoartists"