Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Silk Succubus

There's a variant where the lighter-green "glow" is missing, leaving just the zig-zag behind her. The most arduous process was getting rid of the outline in places I didn't want it anymore, then filling in gaps left by uneven colors "behind" that outline.* I left the horns out: they just made the piece to busy and left no room for her hands. Or at the very least, I would've had to completely retool her arms and hand placement--not something I was eager to do at this late date. Future revisions (I ain't done yet) may yet see the addition of horns, and fattening of the 2nd wing finger at its distal end. I also fully intend to work on the other two girls--Medusa and the Harpy, but this show will have to do without both. Time is of the essence! I'll probably at least submit the unfinished sketch of the Harpy, which doesn't differ significantly from the last draft I posted.
I have just about finished the pages from Lake's notebook: they only need a final scrubbing with a bag of black tea to age them a bit more. My final piece will be hammered out today and tomorrow: a sketch of Great Lord Cthulhu, with all the interesting anatomical features detailed. Scott decided to participate, and is printing out some older digital sketches of Lovecraftian horrors. Exciting! Not bad for two weeks' work!

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Nick said...

I think the 'arms' of the wings should be more muscular...!