Thursday, September 10, 2009

Go Forth and Do Science!

Ever wanted to get your name on a scientific publication? Now you can! Andrew Farke, Matt Wedel, and Mike Taylor (one part Open Source Paleontologist, two parts SV-POW) are hoping to figure out what made ornithischians go down on all fours so very often. Three separate times, in fact! To figure this puzzle out, they are trying to get limb bone measurements from as many ornithischians as they can, and YOU CAN HELP! Head over to The Open Dinosaur Project and find out how! It's a very exciting prospect, and I'm going to dredge up a few ornithischians later tonight. SCIENCE!


Unknown said...

As I do on the Dinosaur Mailing List, I'll just lurk for a bit, shall I?

Nick said...

I keep intending to submit new entries and verifications, but never quite manage to settle down long enough to punch them in.

I will though. I think this is a very worthy project and that anyone who has the time to do so, should participate. The returns for doing so are pretty cool, don't you think?