Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Coming of the Boneyard

Remember, dear readers: The Boneyard, the interweb's premier paleo blog carnival, is coming once more to my humble blarg on June 12th. If you have submissions to submit, I suggest submitting them via either the comments or by email. I will, of course, be mining my blogroll and beyond for interesting posts (the Ida carnival, for instance) but I always like to see original content. Which reminds me, now that I'm back from E3, I really need to get going on my own Boneyard entry...


Tanystropheus said...

Allright! The Bone Yard is back!

I'd like to submit the following post from my blog:


Many thanks!


Metalraptor said...

When is the boneyard going to be up?

Traumador said...

well as it has been half a year since the last one, i have a FEW potential entries...

my vlog about micro fossils is a must, and if you could emphasis this is a WATCHABLE blog post i'd appreciate it yo ;p


i also have my big summary of dinosaurs of alberta


i then have the history of the great canadian dinosaur rush in alberta


and lastly how darren tanke finds lost quarries from the dinosaur rush to help complete our understanding of both that time period and the scientific information of the specimens dug up back then


not as critical to list, but if you think people would be interested are my field work notes in my efforts to find a (fictional) lost quarry


cheers man!