Saturday, May 09, 2009

Synapsid Show, and my EPIC FAIL

Another quick post. If you haven't already, check out the incredible Permian Synapsid art gallery over at the Art Evolved! blog. And while you're there, check out my self-loathing explaination of how I totally fucked this one up. I think you'll agree.


Metalraptor said...

I do like the marine hovasaur idea, very intriguing. However, I don't mean to add to your sense of "Epic Fail", but both you and Will stated that you would post something outlining your alt-Permian project on May 1st. ...and we're all still waiting. But don't beat yourself up, even the best of us get offtrack sometimes.

Will Baird said...



It's been a week + three.

Zachary said...

Actually, May 1st was the Art Evolved show, which was my intention all along. It was to be the big unveiling, as it were.