Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's an unenlagiine dromaeosaur!

So, kids, while here in Maui, two ridiculously awesome papers came out. One about Austraraptor, a new unenlagiine dromaeosaur from South America (above), and one about the brooding habits of maniraptor theropods. The raptor was published in Proceedings of the Royal Society of London (online), and the brooding one was published in Science.
I found the Austroraptor paper, but I can't get into the brooding male paravians. Does anybody happen to have it? Thanks!
Oh, and Maui? Today sucked, honestly. We traveled to South Maui for supposedly awesome malls, but there were none. Additionally, the traffic was horrible and the people obnoxious (one bystander shouted "go back home!"). We came back and went on a whale sightseeing boatride. Humpback whales--saw one breach, which was cool. Unfortunately, I spent most of the ride trying not to throw up over the side. I apparently do not function well on the open sea. Thus, my preference for swimming pools.

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ScottE said...

"We traveled to South Maui for supposedly awesome malls, but there were none."

Awesome and Mall are two words which simply do not belong together.

A Mall is nothing more than a bland gathering of stores under a single roof.

I try to avoid them myself.

"Thus, my preference for swimming pools"

Wow, I didn't know they allowed boats into swimming pools.

(Maybe I'd better run away at this point.)