Friday, December 19, 2008

Fish and Turtles

Today was aquarium today. The Maui Aquarium is a really first-rate aquatic zoo, filled with all sorts of swimming creatures, including hammerheads and giant rays! Sadly, all the pictures I took of the boneless variety came out blurry (they never stop moving), so alas, you will not see them here. Above is one of the cooler animals there--a frogfish, one of two species in the aquarium. The other was much smaller and wedged into a coral. There were also LOTS of unicorn fish:

I wonder why they're called unicorn fish? The horn seems to grow with the animal. The largest fish had the longest horns. In young unicorn fish, the horn is barely more than a wedge sticking out of the forehead. Very cool fish, though. In many tanks, small sharks swam right alongside the fish, and I wondered why the sharks didn't just chomp up their tank-mates! My favorite animals in the aquarium, though, were these guys:

Three-month-old baby sea turtles! ADORABLE! All three were very energetic and curious, very interested in the people passing by. Their tank was pretty big, but they all congregated around the front, eager to check everybody out. There were also adults in a nearby area:


lantaro said...

Niiiice, that's totally badass!! Everybody loves turtles! Even anti-turtle folk love turtles! But in stew. Is that the same thing? I don't know. Fuck it.

Tamera said...

Oh wow....the sea turtle photos remind me of when I actually swam next to some in the Great Barrier Reef....that was definitely cool! You might want to consider Australia/New Zealand for an upcoming adventure. :)