Wednesday, November 05, 2008


My boy won! I stopped watching the election coverage at 8 o'clock, and by then Obama had 338 electoral votes to McCain's meager 155. If that's not a mandate, I don't know what is. The man's got a big mess to clean up, but I believe he's up to the task. Palin was kicked offstage and will come back to Alaska, probably to a sympathetic populous. I wouldn't be surprised to see her run for senate in the future. Since Ted Stevens will probably will (by a slim margin) over Begich, even though Stevens is a convicted felon, Palin (or Parnell) will get to appoint their own senator once Uncle Ted is hauled from his senate seat and into the slammer. Alaskans can be very stupid sometimes.

So Palin would be running for senate against the person she appointed in 2012. She'll probably win. I don't think the national spotlight is in her best interest. When the lights go up, the cameras roll, and her cue cards are taken away, Palin tends to shoot herself repeatedly in the foot.

Sadly, thought the presidency is an enormous step forward for the country (both governmentally and culturally), several states took an equally huge step back by banning gay marriage and/or adoption rights, including California, where I thought such a ban would be virtually impossible. Since the Supreme Court ruled a few years ago that banning gay marriage in California was unconstitutional, about 18,000 gay and lesbian couples have tied the knot there. The question now is what the legal status of those unions is. So we like black people now, but we still don't like homosexuals.

But hey, it's over now, right? That's something.


ScottE said...

"Alaskans can be very stupid sometimes."

I don't think we'll know for sure until after the 20th, but Stevens is probably destined for the Senate floor again.

How effective he will be after everyone who supported him has been calling for him to step down remains to be seen.

Nathan said...

Stevens will be ejected, Palin will appoint a seat-warmer pro tem (to sit for two months), and then will run for the seat herself, and probably get it if Alaskans aren't too appalled by late revelations.

However, the count is still going on, and there's still a very fair chance Begich will end up elected.