Monday, November 10, 2008

Alas, Blogroll, we hardly knew (some of) ye

Regular readers might notice that my blogroll has shrunk considerably. I've decided to implement a policy here at When Pigs Fly Returns. In order for a blog to qualify for blogroll status, it must be updated with at least some attempt at regularity. Now, there are some sites, like Mark Witton's flickr page, which are updated...oh, twice a year (zing!). However, I don't consider Mark's site a blog so much as an art gallery, and I leave it because I think it's really wonderful art. The same goes for John Conway's site.

Alas, among this recent blogroll slaughter was Dino Frey's Weblog, which hadn't seen an update in what seemed like forever, and Wannabe Paleontologist, because I (and I assume others) no longer had permission to access the site. Sadly, The Caw Box, run by my friend and fellow paleoartist, Raven Amos, also had to go. She contributed heavily to the Archosauria art show but only managed 16 posts (that's two posts a month, on average).

On the other hand, I did add one link to the roll: the Smithsonian's dinosaur blog, authored almost entirely by our good friend Brian Switek (Laelaps). The man runs two awesome blogs now and he's writing a book. Not sure how he does it, but check out his secondary blog, dear readers!


lantaro said...

Tragic times. My lack of inspiration, topics, a scanner, and just plain ambition have regaled me into ignoring my blog. I may start doing comics again one day, but who knows...

Glendon Mellow said...


I felt the swoosh of the scythe pass by. If I had been culled, would you eat my blog like Brenden Fraser's crew ate trilobites in Journey to the Center of the Earth? Would you find it tasty?

I will not sleep tonight, and keep the campfires lit.

Louis Hussein B. said...

There, fixed.

Been outta the loop for so long.