Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Must Purchase...and Yet...!

I'm ridiculously excited about this Pachyrhinosaurus monograph. October 1st is when it's available for purchase! It's October 1st today! But it's still marked as "Coming Soon!" ARGH! Why do you mock me, NRCC? I have money that I'm willing to give you right now and yet you make me wait! Make yon tome available, I beg of you!

UPDATE: It's been made available today! Yahoo! Bought it the first chance I got, although I chose the standard shipping method (insert Sideshow Bob-esque mutter here) because the air mail would have brought the total cost to about $75, which seems high.

You can see pictures of the new critter, Pachyrhinosaurus lakustai, at the HMNH and Dinochick Blogs. Oddly enough, the life restoration has the old-school "giant horn" affixed to the snout.


lantaro said...

Oh wow cool, a dinosaur book! Packed with delicious information, supple to the mental touch and quivering to be read!! Who knows what theories and graphs and delectable sweet, sweet knowledge you shall acquire from these crisp new pages?!

I want to buy a copy of the book, lock you out of your house, and make you watch me set it on fire in your living room.

Is that wrong?

Peter Bond said...

Once you read the Pachyrhinosaur book, please let us (non-technical paleo-book buyers) know how it is!!!

I love Pachyrhinosaurs!

Ivan said...

Pachyrhinosaurus lakustai YEAH!!!

Prehistoric Insanity said...

I've got pics of the (reconstructed) juvie skull on my blog if ppl are interested in seeing them