Sunday, September 21, 2008

Minions, Followers, Lend Me Your Ears

Attention eBloggers: There's a cool new "gadget" that you can apply to your sidebar. I didn't even realize it existed until one day I signed in and saw that I had "four followers." Not knowing what the crap that meant, I clicked on their names only to see that I could follow THEM, too! Awesome! So I think it just means that you visually show your support for certain blogs.

That's cool!

So if any of you put the "Followers" app on your blog, I will gladly follow you! And you can edit the title, so instead of "Followers," you can say "Minions," which I did. It's a reference to The Venture Bros.


Glendon Mellow: The Flying Trilobite said...

I'm hoping if I follow you, I'll discover where the secret bonuses and pick-ups are.

Nick Gardner said...

I see you already returned the favor by following my blog. ;-)

Sean Craven said...

Just to be clear here -- being a minion is pretty much like being a henchman, right? Because if that's the case I'm ready to roll. I've done a lot of henching.

You need a resume? References?

ScottE said...

Nick, that has got to be the greatest blog name EVER.