Friday, July 11, 2008

Michael Trcic Awesomeness

Must save pennies, must save pennies, must save pennies...that site actually has a TON of awesome stuff, including awesome dinosaur skulls and skeletons from Dinostoreus and various other cool knick-knacks. Maybe I'll put this whopper on my birthday wish list. It's $200, but it's also 18.5 inches long! Trcic's sculptures are beautiful--the Dilophosaurus vs. Yunnanosaurus is also on my "must have" list. And how does one pronounce "Trcic?"


traumador said...

Just heads up, the link to Dinostoreus is broken.

I wish I had your friends for my B-Day if they can afford that ;p

Mike S said...

Mike's last name is pronounced

"Ter sik"

Mike S.

Zach said...

Traumador: I don't! :-(
Mike: Thanks!

lantaro said...

that is AWESOME.