Thursday, June 05, 2008

Linnaeus' Legacy Part the Eighth!

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome, welcome, to the latest edition of Linnaeus' Legacy, the premier taxonomic blog carnival of the Interwebs. Christopher Taylor, that handsome devil, was gracious enough to permit me to host the carnival at my humble blog. A round of applause, ladies and germs! Now, step right up and get your tickets, and behold the wonder that is...taxonomy.

Behold, behold! In this tent, marked "Biological Ramblings," you will find to your horror questions regarding Toucan Systematics. Those sly birds do get around!

Step this way, please, no crowding. There's room for everyone! Gaze, and be amazed at this unique Podblack, and its discussion on the natural historian in Douglas Adams. He may have written a certain guide to the galaxy, but I'm betting the man never hitchiked to the Galapagos! Oh, I amuse even myself, folks!

You may have thought it merely mythical, but ladies and gentlemen, I assure you, The Barcoded Ant really does exist! Lest you forget, horrible mutated ants once reigned supreme across the New Mexican desert, and barcoded insects would only terrorize our population further!

Watch in wonder as Chris Taylor himself takes aim at problematic taxa, including microbes with names like Rhenocystis latipendunclata and poor taxonomic practices!

Darren Naish (and many others) regales us with tales from the front lines of Aetogate, and Chris Taylor muses on who actually owns the data in question. Fascinating stuff, and very important questions are raised! Read on, and be enlightened!

Look--up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...a flying trilobite? Alright, who let them out of their cages? I was Glendon, wasn't it?

The International Institute for Species Exploration has knocked out a list of the Top Ten New Species of 2007. Although, between you and me, folks, I think there are probably plenty of fossil animals a lot cooler than Gryptosaurus up for grabs in 2007. Maybe that's just my ornithopod bias talking, but hey!

And before you go, folks, gaze--if you dare--into this aquarium of Mesozoic marine monsters! They will terrify and potentially eat children--which is why you had to sign that release before coming in--so keep back, and for God's sake, don't tap the glass!

Thank you, thank you, ladies and germs, for attending this edition of Linnaeus' Legacy! Are there stragglers among you? That's just fine--we'll be updating this list until Sunday, so if you weren't able to make it out here today, just let me know, and I'll add you to the list! Until next time!


Podblack said...

... actually, according to my copy of 'Last Chance to See', Adams and Carwardine didn't head out that way... but great round-up, thanks!

Christopher Taylor said...

Thanks for your work! (Almost haven't the heart to point out it's actually the eighth... ;-P )

Kevin Zelnio said...

Another nice showing showing, thanks Zach!

Nick Gardner said...

"Maybe that's just my ornithopod bias talking, but hey!"

Does that mean you're biased against ornithopods, given you're expressing disappointment that an ornithopod was chosen?

Zach said...

Yeah. I know they're interesting in their own way, but...they're just kind of "meh" to me. :-)