Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Of Naish, Witton, and Giant Freaking Pterosaurs

Congratulations to fellow paleoblogger Darren Naish and fellow paleoartist Mark Witton! The two of them have cooked up a wonderful new paper in PLoS One about azhdarchid pterosaur behavior. Click this link, and be amazed! Darren has already summarized the paper at his blog, and as if that weren't enough, the two of them have set up a brand-new blog which serves as yet another summary of the paper, but with more illustrations. Beautiful, beautiful illustrations. Long-time readers of Tet. Zoo may recognize Darren's point, and indeed, he mused on the subject of azhdarchid feeding habits way back in Tet. Zoo Volume 1.

I cannot stress how excellent the paper is, because Darren actually tests and questions some dogma about pterosaurs! How novel! I won't ruin it for anybody--you'll have to read the paper yourself to get the gist of it, but you'll come away with a new appreciation of Mesozoic landscapes! Theropods weren't the only critters to look out for back then! Oh, I've said too much! Run over the Darren's blog(s) and congratulate him!

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