Monday, April 21, 2008

I Has An Ideea!

There's a trading card maker online. It's part of the Flickr system, and I've tinkered with it in order to brainstorm my own Silent Hill card game. It's fun and easy, although I wish there were more text options (like shrinking the font). At any rate, I had an idea last night to make myself into a trading card. I'm not fond of the picture, but it's the only one I had at my fingertips this morning! I think it'd be funny to make a series of cards based on my fellow bloggers (hint, hint). If you would like your own silly trading card, send me a picture of yourself and I'll get right to it.


lantaro said...

HELL YES, SIR!! just got here:

you must use that picture, sir!!! my attacks shall be RAVENOUS!!

lantaro said...

just copy and paste the whole comment into a notepad file, and the link will become VISIBLE!!!