Saturday, April 19, 2008


Much better than the maiden attempt, if I do say so myself. I'm always amazed at how big pterosaur heads are relative to the body, even in a basal form like Dimorphodon. One curiosity about this particular animal is how short the wings are compared to other pterosaurs of similar size. Mark Witton has suggested that perhaps the pelican pterosaur was not as eager to fly as his cousins, a contention he further backs up by noting that its bones are much denser than other pterosaurs. I tell ya, this art show is starting to fill up with pterosaurs. First Nyctosaurus, then Dimorphodon, and Raven is restoring Tupandactylus!

*phew* After drawing pterosaurs for so long, it'll be nice to start my next critter: Simosuchus!

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lantaro said...

Heck yes, Dimorphodon! Totally my fave as a child! I shall read your dragon blogs TOMORROW SIR!!!!!!!