Monday, March 24, 2008

Thanks for Nothing, Scott (not Elyard)

There's a new Mexican ceratopsid! And according to the only news report so far, it's a relative of Triceratops, except it has holes in its frill like Diceratops!* Whoopie! Better yet, it won't be named until the end of the year! Wonderful!

This reminds me of another ceratopsid which is awaiting both naming and describing, even though promise of such was made long ago.

Why, oh, why, would you tease us like that, Scott Sampson? Why wouldn't you just not say anything at all until you're ready to dole out a name or a description? Since when has paleontology warranted trailers?

"Coming this holiday season, from Mexico, just when you thought it was safe to go back in the centrosaurine family tree..."

*I know that Diceratops is no longer a valid name for the centrosaurine, but I forget, at the moment, what the new name is.


Louis Bérubé said...

The new name is _Diceratus_.

Zach Miller said...

That's right. Thanks, Louis.

lantaro said...

Hahaha, "Starring Arnold Schwarzennager as...THE DICERATUS"

ReBecca said...

The Last Chance ceratopsian is in review and will be described in the new book that is resulting from the Ceratopsid Symposium which will probably be out at the end of the year or early next year. I *think* the new Mexican ceratopsian paper is in that volume as well, but I would have to recheck. These things take time. Some journals have a 2 year backlog as it is.

Zach Miller said...

Well that's great, and I look forward to the book (I hope it's better than Horns & Beaks was), but there's just no good reason for Scott Sampson to go announcing they FOUND something, but give no details about it whatsoever.

ReBecca said...

I think the book is going to be ALOT better than that (with the exception of a few papers I am sure, as is with all). Not sure why Scott did that but sometimes they need press to keep the $$ flowing. Its a cool specimen though, I saw a poster on it at the ceratopsid symposium.