Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Name Me!!!

This ceratopsian, nicknamed the "Last Chance Ceratopsian" when it was announced in 2006 (originally found in 2002) has yet to be named. I blogged about this critter back then on the original blog, including a hastily-drawn picture that's still better than what you see at the left, which was floating around the Interweb. All of the news stories (at the time) claimed that "octoceratops" (my name, not theirs) would get a formal name and description sometime in 2007.
That leaves...five days...for Kirkland and DeBlieux to put something in print. Jim Kirkland was actually good enough to send me a great picture of this new ceratopsian, but alas, it is in a format unrecognized by both eBlogger and most file converting sites. I also wouldn't want to distribute the picture without his permission. At any rate, it's an awesome ceratopsian. I'll email the picture to anyone who wants it.
Click here for the most in-depth information yet written about this taxon to date. It is a basal centrosaurine and probably sits right next to Albertaceratops, what with its long brow horns and very small nasal horn(s).
Postscript: I just realized that I can't send that picture to anybody because, alas, it was on my Gmail account, which was arbitrarily deleted by Google earlier this year. *sigh*
Post-postscript: To the describers of "octoceratops:" Please do not name it "Utahceratops."


Jerry said...

That leaves...five days...for Kirkland and DeBlieux to put something in print.

They're working as fast as they can -- specimen prep took a bit longer than anticipated. A bit has been published on it here. For all I know, a manuscript has already been submitted, but there's no control on how long it'll take to make it through the review process and then the queue for whatever journal it's been submitted to. Patience, young padawan!

Zach Miller said...


Brad said...

"Utahceratops" is the nickname of a different unpublished ceratopsid, depicted here: http://www.rankinstudio.com/p3

Anonymous said...

Look up Diabloceratops. It Looks identicle to the picture shown on the left.