Saturday, December 29, 2007

The lack of a scanner frustrates me

I'd be posting more, like about how I've learned a lot from Mark Witton's pterosaur page (about drawing pterosaurs correctly) and Indohyus and Julia's Cetiosaurus and how everyone knows it's Butters (That's me!), but there's not a good scanner here in Topeka. I mean, a scanner exists, but it is sub-par. And that's a shame, because I've got some kick-ass pictures to show you all.

I've got a "series" post on my mind: Adventures in Flying Vertebrates. I'd like it to cover ten animals, in six parts. And it wouldn't just be pterosaurs, birds and bats. I'll throw Sharovipteryx in there, rib-gliding lizards, flying lemurs, and various other odds and ends. What would be really awesome is if I could get some guest writers, like Anne-Marie for bats and Mark Witton for pterosaurs. Definately something to think about.

Oh, and check the blogroll. I've managed to (finally) get Mark's pterosaur page up there. The man can draw!


Billy (A Liberal Disabled Vet) said...

I (and my son doing papers for high school (which compared to my TIPC and dot matrix printer (wow, I'm old))) use a digital camera and then tighten it up in PSP or PhotoShop. For the web (or high school papers) it works.

That series sounds good. I like both the rib-glider from the Jurassic (I think) and also another one with big membranes on the back legs and canard membranes on the front (must have been one manouvreable glider).

Anne-Marie said...

I think the flying vertebrates idea is great! Thanks for thinking to mention me, if you ever need any bat photos/info/anecdotes don't hesitate to drop me a line, I'll be happy to help!