Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Summer of Illness Continues

Well, when last we spoke, I had just gotten my 3rd PICCline out, but was feeling like I had the flu or something. So I went back to the doctor just to be safe.

Now I have a 4th PICCline. I've had it for almost a month now, and that's after another week in the hospital. These infections have been cropping up pretty continuously, and it's partially because I have a brand-new bug to contend with: Mycobacteria abscessus, which actually moved in and set up shop while I was recovering from my brain abscess. So, I guess that's...ironic?

M. abscessus is pretty tough to treat, not because it's actually tough to treat, but because so few drugs actively kill it. I'm on a drug called Cefoxitin, which is in the same family as one of my Pseudomonas drugs, Cephtazadine. I'm also going on a new antibiotic pill. My diabetes came back (though it'll probably go away again) and I have a new inhalent to start. Luckily, it only takes three to four minutes to do, so...that ain't bad.

The bad news is that it takes potentially years to kill off all the M. abscessus, so after this PICCline has to be pulled, I'm getting a port, like cancer patients have. Yippee. So that's where I'm at. I haven't done any drawing, or writing, or really even game-playing. Well, that's not fair. I did but and am enjoying Bloodrayne: Betrayal for PSN because it's just so pretty, but it's ghoulishly difficult.

More substantial posts will come in time. Consider this lengthy summer my sick leave from the blog. LOL


Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry to hear about your ongoing illness. I hope you get well soon.

Trish said...

Enjoy the presciptions and get well soon!

Sean Craven said...

Keep your spirits up, take care of the details, plenty of liquids, the usual pep talk.

Take care of yourself, dude.

Stevo Darkly said...

What they ^ said ...

Jesús Del Valle said...

Hy Zach: My name is JESUS DEL VALLE and I live in southern Spain, on a little village called Almuñecar (Granada) on the coast line over the Mediterranean sea.
I lived in Granby,Connecticut long time ago with an AFS schollarship and really enjoyed a lot the Raccoons hunging around the house where I lived,etc.
What a place you live! The nearest
area I´ve been to was the skiing resort called Whistler,north of Vancouver, what a nature!
I shall keep payng visits to your blog. Good meeting you! JESUS

okko said...


Thunderclees said...

Sorry 'bout your illness. Hope you get better. Also (this is Extremely off topic, by the way) what think you of that new fangled David Peters blog (