Saturday, April 23, 2011

"Coming Soon"

Here's another "Coming Soon" post.

Someday soon, perhaps as early as tomorrow, I'm going to set up a sister blog that only covers my figure reviews, and I'm going to re-review all the girls I've already covered, but with better photographs (and largely similar text). The first new review will be Velvet up there. The text isn't done, but the pictures are. Haven't decided on the name yet, but keep an eye out. Most of my writing time has been devoted to Nintendo World Report. I did two articles this week and a third is on the way. Haven't had much time for drawing, unfortunately. I did do a nice sketch of Raphael (the Ninja Turtle) as an old, retired barkeep, though. I that here.

I'm also going to re-color that Velafrons (below) and submit it to the Art Evolved! duckbill gallery. I'm long overdue to get back in the Art Evolved scene. As one of the original members, I feel guilty about falling completely off the map. My eternal excuse: life gets in the way. But expect some more sketches here before too long, including of newly-discovered Daemonosaurus, a toothy horror from New Mexico.

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