Saturday, July 10, 2010

Zach's Figure Reviews: Tifa Lockhart

I don't remember much about Final Fantasy VII other than Cloud is intolerably annoying, Sephiroth is legitimately awesome, and Aerith's death scene is overrated. I wasn't really into RPGs back then, and I'm still not really into RPGs today, although I have half a mind to buy Dragon Quest IX because I actually liked Dragon Quest VIII a lot before I got sick of it, and my buddy Neal Ronaghan highly recommends it, and I trust Neal when it comes to games. We record a podcast together with fellow NWR newshound Andy know, if you're interested. Where was I? Oh, right, FFVII. The other thing I remember is Tifa Lockart, the drop-dead gorgeous bartender and resistance leader of the party.

Tifa is a strong, sexy character with a traditional anime design without going too overboard. I really like this statue (cold-cast resin) because it's detailed but feels very simple at the same time. This is also the first of many "gaming girls" I'll feature in these reviews. She's decked out in her traditional FFVII uniform (thank Cthulhu) because this figure was produced before that awful Advent Children movie was made, or perhaps even conceptualized. This figure is very smooth--there's almost no texture work aside from her boots and gloves.

But the texture and detail work that is present is pretty nice: the loose belt, glove pegs, and suspender straps are all impressively sculpted. The creases in her mini-skirt are nice, as are the stretch-marks on her tank top. Our girl could probably stand to wear a bra, yes? But I really like how basic everything is, even the color scheme: black, white, browns, and a skin tone. Tifa's gloves are about the same color as her eyes, and her hair is somewhere between her eyes and black.

Here's a side-view. Her hair is quite extensive and also nicely detailed. The points of the ponytail are surprisingly sharp! I've never been all that sure why Tifa wears suspenders at all if she's just going to shove them aside so that they frame her giant...ohhhhh. Her breasts certainly look larger in lateral view, don't they? In stark contrast to the shelf on her chest, Tifa is entirely lacking in the backside department. Hey, I don't sculpt 'em.

Aaaand here's the other side. Better look at her "thumbs-up" hand, and the interesting elbowpad on her left arm. I am not at all sure what that's for. Note the good-sized rim on her glove and the earing in her ear. "Hey," I hear you asking, "she's a good looker 'n' all, but how does she manage to stand? Is she just standing on the table?" Good question, nameless reader who might or might not exist! Let's investigate.

In fact, Ms. Lockhart is affixed to her impressively weighty base via foot-peg. This gives her absolute freedom to rotate on the base itself, though it's pretty darn clear where the "front" is (see her giant nametag?). I just realized that this is a somewhat gratuitous photograph. Luckily, Tifa's sculptor aired on the side of modesty and painted on some panties. Notice, too, the creases and ties in her boots. Spared no expense, I tell you! I actually dislike the nametag. I think it's kind of ugly, and people who buy this statue already know who it IS.

In case you were wondering who the publisher is, it's printed on the bottom of the base. It's Kotobukiya, my favorite figure manufacturer. That will become apparent as I review more figures (though it's largely coincidental--they just happen to manufacture the figures I tend to like). Just FYI, the base is easily heavier than Tifa herself, which is great, but it's not like her pose is dynamic or off-the-wall and would lead to imbalance.

Here's a good front shot. Her eyes are (I think) expressive, and convey a different emotion than her oft-reproduced character art from the game. She's a bit more reserved here, not quite so determined. The coloration on her gloves is also apparent. More hair detail, too. It's a very good figure--very detailed, true to the character, and simplistic. I bought her on eBay several years ago for under $40. I just did a quick check and this statue is selling for $100 now. I'm glad I got in when I did! She is "out-of-print," so she'd be tough to find any other way. I highly recommend her, though, for those of you who like gaming girls generally or Final Fantasy in particular. On her base, Tifa stands 8" tall.


nick.gardner said...

I liked the Tales series more than FF.

lantaro said...

that. is. AWESOME. Tifa is a bitchin' gal, and that statue kicks ass. i approve of this message!

Anonymous said...

hell yeah! brings me back to a time of better games!!!