Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Upcoming Posts

You folks might think I've been lazy in not posting. That is entirely true! However, I'm also "prepping" several posts, which includes drawing a lot of pictures. Here's a preview, of sorts, of the posts I have in the pipeline:

1. An Informal Critique of the "Semi-Aquatic Psittacosaurus" Theory: this post will focus on the paper by Ford & Martin in the new New Perspectives on Horned Dinosaurs book. It will include lot of illustrations, so it's taking awhile.

2. Torocertops: No, it's not another new ceratopsian. Rather, it's going to be a discussion of the very recent paper by Scannella & Horner which posits that Torosaurus represents a very old growth stage of Triceratops. Apparently trikes never stop growing. Once I read and digest the paper and do some illustrations, you can look forward to a critique.

3. Another figure review: I hope you guys aren't sick of the figure reviews, because I've got a lot more figures The next one will be my very first girl, the one who got me into the hobby in the first place. She's near and dear to my heart, but her paint isn't aging well.

That's what you can look forward to in the next two weeks or so!


Andrea Cau said...

Scanlon? You meant Scannella, I suppose.

Will Baird said...


Where's Xenosuchus?!

Zach said...

Yup, thanks Andrea. No idea where I got "Scanlon." And Will, Xenosuchus is...going through a rough patch.

Emile said...

Looking forward to the ceratopsian post(s). I'm still doubtful about Horner's claims, but seriously, neon green and electric blue ceratopsians in the press release?

Will Baird said...

That makes me sad, Zach.

nick gardner said...


I thought those were pretty sweet, myself...


i will be interested to see what lines you can draw on in order to critique the Scannella and Horner paper.