Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Welcome to Dinorama

Have you ever been sitting at iTunes wondering, "why aren't there any paleontology-themed podcasts out there?" Well buckle up, kids, because no there ARE. Scott Elyard, Raven Amos, and myself recorded the first episode of "Dinorama," and Scott spent the next two or three weeks editing it and continuously promising that it would be up the next day. Hilarity!

At any rate, as a first episode, you'll note that we're having tech problems that will need to be ironed out. There are also a number of factual errors! Indeed, we may begin the next episode (and subsequent episodes) with a list of things we got wrong last time. This will be a monthly podcast, and we would love love LOVE to have guest hosts. The magic of Skype and Audacity Beta will hopefully make that dream come true.

However, it's a wonderful show, Scott did an excellent job stitching it together. I encourage you all to give it a listen, then run back here and write why you did (or did not) like it in the comments. If you have ideas about how to make the process easier or features you'd like to see, let us know!

At any rate, Dinorama Season 1, Episode 1 is right here: Dinorama! The webpage will be spiffied up in good time.


Trish said...

Hooray! I shall download the first episode and give it a listen posthaste!

Steven said...

I thought that was really good, looking forward to next months installment.

Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. said...

Thanks for the shout out on the podcast! I've posted a link on Facebook: hopefully it will draw more people in.

Trish said...

Nice first episode. I should note that Dinorama doesn't appear to be available on iTunes yet (intentionally?)

The offhand mention that mammals were never reptiles kinda blew my mind (and I know about Dimetrodon, Cynodonts, and friends). So suggestion for a future topic: What the heck qualifies as a Reptile? (From what I've heard, Linneus used it basically as a dumping ground for any animal that laid eggs on land but lacked in the feathers and milk department -- and the idea that there could be extinct or as-yet undiscovered animals that didn't fit into one or another of his little boxes never occurred to him.)