Thursday, August 27, 2009

Help a Brother Out!

Fellow bloggers, our friend Will Baird has a dream. It's a lofty one: our man wants to shoot a rocket to the goddamn moon. And he can make it happen, but he needs your help. Team Phoenicia can do it, but the X Prize Foundation's entry fee rocketted (sorry) from 1K bucks last year to a whopping 7K. The deadline is September 14th for entry. Donate, people! This is exciting stuff--it's science, for goddsake!

For more information on Team Phoenicia and who freaking awesome they are, click here. Or here. Since I don't know how to post the Donate button, Click here to visit Will's blog, where the "Donate button" is located.

If everyone who reads this donates like $20 (and who doesn't have $20?), Will's team can totally make it happen. You'll get your name on a lunar rocket! But in all seriousness, I heartily ask you all to participate somehow. Donate or blog about Will's cause. These are exciting times and exciting projects. Get involved!


lantaro said...

sounds wildly exciting, but i just have a query about the name...why Team Phoenicia? Weren't they Atlanteans? Why would Atlanteans go to the moon?

Will Baird said...

Phoenicians were some of the first explorers and traders on the Med: in fact, they may have circumnavigated Africa. They were wildly successful at it. Carthage was one of their daughter colonies. Phoenicia would have been located in the modern nation of Lebanon.

Since space is still a 'turbulent' and generally unexplored and underexploited sea...Phoenicians seemed the best analogy.

Hence, the name.

Besides, at some point, I want to do solar sails.

Will Baird said...


Where are both you guys' $20?!

lantaro said...

ahhhhhhhhhhh nice!