Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Best DSi Software EVER Released Today

For those of you with DSi's, there is NO excuse not to download FlipNote Studio today. It's free, it takes up a mere 88 blocks of the DSi's memory, and it's animation software. In the near future, Nintendo will be releasing a patch that allows users to upload their animations onto a shared website, like YouTube for FlipNote Studio. This was my Game of Show at E3, and I can't believe it's here so soon.

Honestly, if you're a creative type like me, FlipNote Studio is worth the cost of a DSi alone. That's $180, but it's portable animation software. I'll be doing this all week.


ScottE said...

Have to sell the old one, and then buy a new one after gettin' back from SVP!

Biren Kumar said...

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