Friday, May 01, 2009

Gorgonopsids and Dicynodonts and Pelycosaurs, OH MY!

The newest art show at the Art Evolved! goes up today. Its theme: Permian synapsids, a wondefully diverse but, alas, poorly-known group of critters that deserve a whole lot more time in the spotlight. My own submission is painfully horrible and difficult to look at now. Forgive my feeble attempts at coloring things with Photoshop. The sketch had so much promise! I shall blog about my failings at a later date, but I eagerly await seeing what my talented colleagues came up with! Perhaps I shall throw together one of my "signature" pen & ink pieces tonight for inclusion...


Metalraptor said...

What about the "other" Permian synapsids that were supposed to be revealed to the world today?

Dapper said...

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