Sunday, March 01, 2009

Art Evolved!

The wait is over. A few months ago, Traumador emailed me and offered a spot on the staff of a new paleo-blog called Art Evolved. His goal (I think) was to build a site where paleoartists from around the web could gather and show off their art and enthusiasm for their subject matter. I leapt at the opportunity. Well, after about four months, the site is now LIVE, and the first art show has been posted! More entries may leak in during the coming days, so check back now and again. I'm very excited about this project--the first show concerns ceratopsians (thus, my recent obsession with them), and it's really fantastic, spared no expense.

So head on over to Art Evolved: Life's Time Capsule and take in the horned dinosaurs!


Flame Den said...

Great article. I came to know about an indian/independent SF site which came into existence recently. It looks promising, you can check it at They are inviting authors to write for them.

Ivan said...


Okay, it's time for me to quickly send in my late submissions...