Saturday, January 24, 2009

South America

So my darling wife is a professor at Alaska Pacific University. Every year she takes a bunch of early honors students (high school seniors) on a trip somewhere. Usually, they go to Europe. Greece, Italy, France, Spain, etc. Well, this year they went to South America. Specifically Rio and Buenos Aries, in fact. She spent ten days there and took about 150 pictures, the cream of the crop I will now share with you all here. There are a lot of waterfall pictures from Parque Nacional Do Iguacu. And it's not like there's just one waterfall--they're everywhere.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a picture on our digital camera that isn't a waterfall, but--

Again with the waterfalls.

I swear to god there are non-waterfall pictures in here somewhere...

Like these cute little guys. They look like ring-tailed racoons. Can anybody tell me what they are? Gina said they were everywhere in the national park. They're as big as a sheltie.

And a happy lil' caimen.

And Sugerloaf Mountain, which she went to the top of.

And a gigantic statue of Teh_Christ.

And what appears to be our cat...with stuff on her. This was not my doing.


Ville Sinkkonen said...

*They look like ring-tailed racoons. Can anybody tell me what they are?

Coatimundi. To be more specific propably the South American Coati (Nasua nasua).

They'r Procyonids just like raccoons so you didn't hit to far from the mark. ;)

Neil said...

Definitely Nasua nasua, nice shot.

lantaro said...

Haha, I totally wanted to say that the little mammal was a Katmandu, but I knew that I was getting letters waaay mixed up somewhere. Turns out they were mixed up everywhere.