Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

It's a whole new year! 2009, baby! Didn't think humanity would make it this far, did'ja? A few notes: First, I never make any resolutions, as I then feel bad when I break them. However, there are a few things I hope to accomplish this year. Among those things:

1) Hit 180 pounds and stay there for more than, like, three days;
2) At the very least, start work on a new art show;
3) Make significant headway in my gaming backlog (even Dreamcast stuff);
4) Publish something. Something that isn't a coloring book.

Above, for the curious, is a Cthulhu design I've been toying with. Overall, I think the head is too big, but you can definately tell what kind of animal provided the inspiration. I kind of like the elephantine look--it gets away from the octopus/squid vistage that the beast has been stuck with since Call of Cthulhu was published, but work will continue...Oh, by the way, that's the first picture I drew with my Wacom. It's not as bad as I thought it would be! One a final design is imagined, I shall make Cthulhu my first piece of digital art! Wish me luck!


lantaro said...

Good luck, sir! But I thought that Cthulhu was always a squiddy octopus-ish fellow? Or are you simply doing your own artist's-representation on the disturbing demigod? Whatever the case, it looks totally badass, and I wish you good fortune with your new Wacom!! Do it to it, sir!

also, the word verification is gluthyph for me. which seems strange. more so than usual.

Glendon Mellow said...

I really like this one. Go with it!

shiva said...

Well, that's very different to the previous one. Looks a lot like a cephalopod trying to mimic a proboscidean.

(Were you inspired by the "Elephant Squid" that... someone (I want to say Doc Holliday, but am not certain) proposed as an identity for the Loch Ness and similar sea/lake monsters? That looked pretty similar, as i recall... will try to find an online image of it...)

Actually, that's an idea for one of the specworlds with land and/or freshwater cephalopods in...

Sordes said...

Without arms and this big tentacles is looks a bit like the C´thulhuoid I sculpted some years ago: