Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Point and Laugh

That's a painting in the background. It's not even a CG dinosaur. Having a photograph (the people on their boat) composited onto a painting is jarring and looks silly. That tyrannosaur looks a little fat, too, although I kind of like the cranial ornamentation. However, this is a Will Ferrell movie, and my tolerance for that actor is extremely low, lower even than Ben Stiller. Ferrell has been in exactly two movies where I liked his character: Night at the Roxbury and Stranger Than Fiction. I can't help but think that this movie will be nothing at all like the told TV show, which was insufferably corny. Some great stop-motion work, but damn.

This movie also looks suspiciously like this year's Journey to the Center of the Earth, starring Brendan Frasier. That movie also had a poorly-done tyrannosaur. Why does it always have to be a tyrannosaur?


ScottE said...

"It's not even a CG dinosaur."

I'm not clear on why this is a complaint. Many movie posters are outright paintings (or photoshopped composite images).

"Why does it always have to be a tyrannosaur?"

Because it's so popular. Heh.

Nick Gardner said...

Oh come on man, Austin Powers. Mustafa!

I didn't think Blades of Glory was bad either.