Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Maui, Day 3

Lava, lava everywhere, and not an ounce to drink! Today the wife and I traveled to something called the "Dragons Teeth" rocks, which really means big awesome lava flows! The "dragons teeth" of myth and lore are vertically-oriented spikes of igneous goodness which look kind of like the dental arsenal of a dragon's lower jaw. More impressive than those draconic spikes was the lava flow itself, which stuck out like a spit into the ocean. The formation begins high above the water line but constantly slopes downward, so by the time you get to the end, the frothy waves cover the rock with every undulation, leaving awesome little tidepools in their wake. We found fish (I believe they were sculpin), hermit crabs, and tons of snails.

After that, we went snorkeling. Or, more accurately, I went snorkeling while Gina read her book on the beach. The waves were pretty severe, and it took me a really long time to get out to calm waters. Once there, however, I saw a ton of pretty fish, corals, and urchins. Interestingly, all of the wildlife was concentrated around the giant igneous rocks that were scattered haphazardly out in the sea. In between the stones, the sandy ground was pretty barren. I brought my aqua-camera, and I hope I snapped some good pictures. Hard to tell when you're wearing goggles.


ScottE said...

Looks lavaly out there.

lantaro said...

Damn, I love scenery. You must take pictures of lava! And iguanas! :o CAPTURE AN IGUANA AND BRING IT TO ME. I must have it fight against the titanic team-up of Carter and Kurt Russell.

Tamera said...

Uh...about the snorkeling...WHY didn't Gina go?