Monday, December 08, 2008

How the Turtle Got Its Shell: Addendum

eBlogger does not like it when you try to screw with a long, image-heavy post. When you try to edit said post by, say, adding a new picture, the rest of the post goes to hell. Anyway, here is another fantastic picture by Matt Celeskey of Chinlechelys, showing the known shell fragments and what they represent. There's a little more to the skeleton, including some vertebrae, a bit of plastron, and cervical spines (like Proganochelys has). But the carpacial elements are the most telling bits.


ScottE said...


User error. Replace user, try again.

I never have problems editing my image-heavy poses, partly because I edit my posts in a text editor first and copy and paste.

Zach said...

This implies that you actually post! Oooh, burrrn! ;-)

ScottE said...

My archives are the ultimate slapdown.

Nick Gardner said...

I think it's just called "Blogger", as well.